With so many CrossFit gyms to choose from, why make Triat your gym home & community?

Founded by our vision, we strive to improve your overall health, fitness and your life. We do that by providing you with coaches who care about YOU and how you move.

With a community who shares these values, Triat is a warm and welcoming environment.


Average class size is 6 so you’ll get a personal training experience in a group setting. Expect most classes to be about 4 - 8 people during the week and 8- 12 on a Saturday.


We specialize in those new to CrossFit. In fact, you can start working out with the group on your first day! Our coaches will help you scale the movements and workouts to your level and ability. Don’t hesitate if you are considering trying CrossFit. You’ll be stronger tomorrow if you just start today!


Every Thursday at 5 as well as during open gym times, members are encouraged to take part in our Functional Body Building program. This program, if done consistently, will result in bigger, stronger and more injury resistant muscles. The results will be visible in the mirror & in your increased performance during the workouts of the day.


We all had a first day. Ready for yours? You’ll be stronger tomorrow if you just start today!