TUESDAY 180619



3 Rounds for time:

25 Box Jump Over 24/20

20/14 Cal Row

Let's get spicy today!  Our goal is sub 10 minutes.  To get there, keep your box jumps unbroken and rows consistent.   Men try to stay above 1500 cal per hour on the row and women above 1000.  With this in mind, don't come out too hot on round one.  

TUESDAY 180612


“Ice Ice Baby"

3:00 Clock for 5 Rounds:

400m Run

10 Box Jumps 24/20

Max Rep KBS 70/50

 - Rest 2:00 btwn rounds -

Today, since we will be going into each round from a rest period... we want to but about 80-90% effort into our runs and keep them below 2:00.    Our goal is to have about :30 to do our max set of kettlebell swings. 

MONDAY 180611




Front Squat (185/125)


Burpee Pull-up

Today, our goal is sub 10! 

We want to keep the front squats as heavy as we can while nearly going unbroken.   We will reduce the reps in order to keep the squat heavy if we need to.


S1: 135/95, S2: 115/75

S3: 75/55 at 15-13-11 reps