Thursday 160225

TBT to opening day madness!  

TBT to opening day madness!  

EMOM x10:

Goat 1)

Goat 2)

* Goat is a movement you struggle with.  I will help you figure out the appropriate reps per minute on the movements you choose.  If you are doing this wod after the open wod 16.1 announcement, choose two movements and prescribed weights from this weeks wod.

No ideas?  You'll do

EMOM x 10

e) 3 Power Snatch + 1 OHS

o) :30 max Perfect Push-ups


AMRAP 12 minutes:

7 Deadlift 185/135

50m Walking Lunge

7 Bar Facing Burpees 

TCF News

The CrossFit Open begins this week.  Workouts are announced on Thursday nights at 7pm our time and you have until Monday at 7pm to submit your score if you are officially signed up and competing.  Friday am we will be doing the open workouts as a class (scaling as needed).  Friday evening at 6pm and Saturday morning at 10am is when you can do the workouts if you are competing and need to be judged.  This will be a lot of fun!