2017 CrossFit Open

Plan of attack for the 2017 CrossFit Open

THURSDAY: Workout announcement

It will be too late for walk throughs, today is the day to get your mental game ready!  

Open Gym is a good idea for the next few weeks.  I'll have some active recovery options... and of course body building.  No heavy breathing or movements that will cause soreness is a must!

FRIDAY:  Friday Night Lights

Hit the workout hard like this is the only time you are doing it!

SATURDAY: Training

Coming to the gym is a good thing today.  Moving around will help reduce soreness and keep your mind on track.  I'll modify the workouts if needed based on the work you did Friday night.  

SUNDAY:  Rest & Mobility

MONDAY:  Training/Re-do

Regular Training day or Re-do if needed

TUESDAY: Training

Regular training day ( or rest day if needed )


Regular training day