Wednesday 170222



EMOM x 16:

1. 100m run 

2. 7 KBS + 7 Russian + 7 Goblet Squat

3. 7 HSPU or 3 Wall Walks or 14 HR Push Ups 

4. 1 Sled Push 

On an EMOM, you get out what you put into it.  With no “score” we have to push for ourselves, not the clock. 
On the run, make this fast!  You want time to breathe before the kettlebell work.  Quick transitions between kettlebells swings and squats should give you time to take a breathe here.  Try for unbroken sets on the HSPU.  Efficient kips and a tight core are a must here to keep these movements clean and efficient.  Work on ‘Open Standards’ ensuring your heels are at the wall both before and after the HSPU.  Keep breathing on the sled push.  Move it fast and you’ll have time to rest before your next round.