A few notes for 17.1

The workout begins with the dumbbell on the floor and the athlete standing tall.  Your score will be the time it takes to complete all repetitions.  There is a 20 minute cap.  If you do not finish all reps, your score will be the number of reps completed.  

The dumbbell snatch starts with the dumbbell on the ground and finishes with the dumbbell overhead.  Both heads of the dumbbell much touch the ground each rep.  The dumbbell must be lifted in 1 motion.  Bouncing the dumbbell off the ground is not allowed.  The non-lifting hand may not contact the body.

The burpee box jump over starts with the athlete facing the box with their chest and thighs touching the ground.   (NOTE: A line of tape or chalk will be drawn on the ground in the center of your box.  At the start of each rep you must be lying on the tape with equal parts right and left on each side.)  A 2 foot takeoff is required (RX only).  Only your feet may touch the box.  You may step off, jump off or jump over the box to the other side.   If you jump to the other side you must have a two foot landing.  The rep ends with both feet on the opposite side of the box on the ground.  


Mens RX : 50lbs + 24inch box,  two foot take off required

Mens Scaled: 35lbs + 20inch box,  step ups are ok 

Masters Mens 55-59 RX:  35lbs + 24inch box, step ups are ok. 

Women RX: 35lbs + 20inch box, two foot take off required

Womens Scaled: 20lbs + 20inch box, step ups ok



Consistency is key in 17.1.  Your best performance will come from finding an appropriate pace and sticking to it.  In early sets there will be a tendency to push too hard.  Think about what the workout actually is: 150 dumbbell snatches and 75 burpee box jump overs.  You can do this!  Move well, move consistently, keep calm and have fun with it!