Sunday 170226

To re-do or not to re-do...

that is the question.

Tomorrow we will have two choices, a chance to re-do 17.1 and a class metcon.  

There is not a right or wrong answer for "Should I re-do 17.1?", that decision is entirely yours.  When making that decision make sure it is because, YES, you can shave time, YES you can move faster, YES, you can put out a better effort, YES, you left something out there on the workout floor.  We want to walk away from 17.1 knowing we put out our best effort.  Don't let the answer be solely based on the leaderboard. Make sure to also consider the demand it took on your body as well as the demand we will be facing in the next four week.  

Relax today, mobilize, do something active.  See you all tomorrow.


Child's Pose 2:00 total

Butterfly Stretch 2:00 total

Figure Four 1:00 each side

Couch Stretch 2:00 each side

Pigeon Stretch 2:00 each side