Sunday 170312



I cannot express enough how proud I am of each and every one of you!  17.3 was a tough one.  Both a mental challenge, like we discussed, with it being a workout we knew going in we could not complete and with challenges that pushed us to lift weights we had not approached before. 

I think everyone learned a lot from 17.3. Whether it be how to approach the pull-ups or how to breathe in the overhead squat.  There will be an opportunity to re-do this workout on Monday if you choose to.  Take today to relax, unwind, stay mobile and get a little bit of movement in to be ready to tackle whatever workout you choose for Monday.


Couch Stretch

1:30 / side

Figure 4

1:00 / side

Childs Pose

1:00 total

Shoulder Wall Stretch

* With your hands on a wall (or couch) push should head beneath your shoulders

:20 on / :10 off for 6 rounds