Sunday 170319

"... for the crush wasn't from outside me but in my own assumption." - Marcus Aurelius

Recovery Day

I am extremely proud of you all for how hard you worked on 17.4!  Though a repeat, with this workout you were faced with high reps of some tough movements (that long row!).  You will have the opportunity to re-do this workout on Monday if you choose.  If you feel like there is room for improvement, if you feel like your body can take it again, and if you feel up to it... let's do it!  I will also have an alternate workout (Friday's St. Paddy Cake WOD) as an option.

Mobility for Sunday

Childs Pose 

2:00 total

10x Michael Phelps chest opener

Slow and in control arms swings from in front of your body to the back

10x Push Ups

Slow, good ROM

10x Slow Good Mornings

Hands crossed in front of body 

10 x Air Squats

Slow, good ROM

Couch Stretch

2:00 / side

Figure Four

1:00 / side