Wednesday 170322


"Austin (Texas)"

EMOM x 16:
i. Calorie Row
ii. 10 Power Cleans 125/85
iii. Bar Facing Burpees
iv. Rest

From 3,2 1 GO and coming off each minute of rest thereafter... push that row!  I want the row to be your 100% for the day.  100% means effort, not an all out sprint as you still have work to do.  Find a pace/calorie count you can hit every round consistently.  Jump off the rower with just about :10 or under to get set for the cleans.  The cleans can be TNG or dropped as long as the set is unbroken each round.  You will be lifting under fatigue.  Take a few breaths and then start.  10 reps is tight in a minute.  Scale to a weight that unbroken sets are doable.  Move methodically on the bar facing burpees and don't stop until that minute is up.  Remember, smooth is fast.