Triat CrossFit, we made it!  


10 Rounds:

9 Thrusters

35 Double Unders



Take a look at this chart from CFNE comparing Rory and Boz to one of their athletes, Dan.  Dan started with the slowest split time but finished minutes faster.  Aim for consistency today.  We don't want to come out hot and end slow.  On the flip side, we also don't want to leave anything but our barbell on the gym floor.  Attack 17.5 like it is the one and only time you are doing it.  Push through the discomfort and finish with a smile (and maybe a slight pukie feeling).


In your warm up, practice the transitions from the barbell to the jump rope and back to the barbell again.

On the thrusters, both unbroken and broken sets are an acceptable game plan.  Break sets early rather than late if you think you will need to break up the thrusters but keep those breaks short and sweet!  

As you practice thrusters, make sure you are racking the barbell on the shoulders with elbows out in front.  We want to avoid doing thrusters with our elbows facing down, and a tight grip on that barbell holding that weight the entire rep.  Use your hips!  Be patient with the barbell coming off the shoulders ensuring you aren't pressing too soon.  This will preserve our arms for the remaining thrusters and double unders.

Big breath then begin your double unders.  Stay calm and under control here.  We start to miss a lot when we get too rushed.

Stay in your own workout today.  Don't worry what others around you are doing. Keep your own pace and push for yourself.   

Good luck!  I am extremely proud of you all!!