Notes on 17.2

This is a grip intensive workout.  If you noticed during the video last night some of the athlete's rested the dumbbell vertically on their shoulders.  Holding the dumbbells horzontally puts about 50% of the weight on your shoulders and 50% on your arms.  Placing the dumbbells vertically puts almost 100% of the weight onto your shoulders. Save that grip for the gymnastic movements.   
If you struggle with high rep T2B, singles is a good option.  It takes the negative portion of the movement out of play and allows you to drop from position as soon as your feet contact the bar with less time under tension.  This is up to each athlete's performance but think about the workout as a whole.  Time taken here to do single reps could save time later on in the bar muscle ups.  
On the dumbbell cleans, take rest after rep 7.  Clean the dumbbells one final time to begin your next round of lunges.  
Before we begin, count your lunge steps.  We need to have both heels over the line to complete our last rep.  Avoid inconsistent steps that leave you with half of a foot over the line.  


Points of Performance

The rear head of the dumbbell must slightly behind the center of the athletes body.

Knee must contact the ground at the bottom of each lunge.

Hands must remain on the grip for the duration of the rep.  

Each lunge rep ends with the dumbbells on shoulders and full extension of hips and knees.

Lunges must alternate (shuffle steps between reps are not allowed).  

If a NO REP is called on a lunge, the athlete must start behind the last 5 foot line they crossed.  

Examples of a NO REP Lunge:

Knee not contacting the floor, dumbbells coming off shoulders, not reaching full hip and knee extension at the top of a lunge, shuffling your feet between steps.  


Toe To Bar

Points of Performance

The movement begins will full extension, feet off the ground and feet just behind the bar.  

Both feet must contact the bar at the same time, inside the hands.

IMPT NOTE:  Feet must travel just behind the bar to begin each rep.

Dumbbell Clean

Points of Performance

Dumbbells begin on the ground, outside athletes feet.  

Only one head of the dumbbell is required to touch the floor between reps.  Touch is go is allowed, bouncing the dumbbell is not.

Bar Muscle Up

Points of Performance

Begin hanging from bar in full extension.  

End fully locked out above the bar with shoulders over or in front of the bar.

IMPT NOTE:  Only the hands (no other part of the arm) may contact the bar during a rep.

Heels may not rise above the height of the bar during the kip.

Hanging Knee Raise

Points of Performance

Begin at full extension.

Feet must be brought behind the bar each rep.

Knees must rise above the height of the hips.

Chin Over Pull-up

Points of Performance

Begin at full extension with feet off the ground.  

Chin must break the horizontal plane of the bar.

** For Masters 55+ RX:  Chest must clearly contact the bar below the collarbone.

Sit Up (Scaled Masters 55+)

Points of Performance

Each rep begins with athletes back in contact with the floor, knees bent and anchored, and hands touching the floor above the head. 

Hands must touch feet or dumbbells to finish the rep.

ABMATS are permitted.

Jumping Chest to Bar (Scaled Masters 55+)

Points of Performance

Bar must be six inches above the top of the athlete's head when standing tall.  

At the bottom, athlete must lower body so arms are fully extended.

Chest must clearly contact the bar below the collarbone at the top.