Sunday 170305

17.2 | The Sequel

Unlike 17.1, 17.2 is a WOD that without much question (or pain) you can re-test.  The decision is entirely yours though.  If you feel like there is room for improvement, go for it!  

Things to work on if we do decide to go at it again:

Dumbbell Positioning

Take some time to play with dumbbell positioning now that you have done this once and know what to expect from carrying that weight on your shoulders.  We don't want to waste time or energy messing with the dumbbells for too long.


Everyone did a good job timing those lunges.  Practice once more to make sure no steps are waisted.  


Small sets worked best on the gymnastic movements. So incredibly proud of you guys for how hard you worked on these (with several 1st pull-ups). I'm betting we see more of that on Monday! 

Mobility for Sunday

Foam Roll Upper Back

2:00 total

Foam Roll Quads

2:00 total

Couch Stretch

2:00 / side

Pigeon Pose

2:00 / side

Figure Four

1:00 / side