Nutrition 101

A Theoretical Heirarchy of Development for an Athlete (YOU!)  * Courtesy of

A Theoretical Heirarchy of Development for an Athlete (YOU!)

* Courtesy of

It starts with nutrition... 

The food we eat is what fuels our body, both inside the gym and in our daily activities.  You are already putting in effort at the gym.  If you are ready to dial in your nutrition as well.... here is a good place to start.



Eat meat, vegetables, nuts & seeds, a little starch and no added sugar.  This is easy to do if you stay on the perimeter of the grocery store (and avoid the processed foods in the aisles).  


Step 1:  Replace something processed (likely containing refined sugars) that you eat regularly with a whole food.  After a week, replace something else.  


Bringing precision and accuracy to your diet will help keep your intake at levels that support exercise but not body fat.  

Step 2:  Begin to weigh, measure and track your food.  It is important to know what and how much you eat.  Your body uses this important information to determine what to do with the food you intake (i.e. use it for fuel or store it for later use).  You should be in on the information as well.

You can easily track everything you are eating in the My Fitness Pal app on your phone.


Step 3: Now that you are eating well, let's add YOU to the equation.   Ask Jonathan or I for help in setting a specific goal for yourself (i.e. Maintenance, Fat Loss, Muscle Gain).

This all may sound daunting at first but trust me, after a few weeks of doing this a few things will happen... you will enjoy eating foods that make you feel good, you will know what proper portions look like and you will begin to feel better and move faster in the gym (& you will look better naked).