Wednesday 170425



For 16 minutes:

200m Run

9 Burpees

6 Power Cleans

RX 155/105

Pacing is key today.  Choose a weight where the power cleans will move consistently through the workout… ideally something you can move 10+ times without break.  For today’s 16 minute metcon, lets begin with small sets or even singles.  We want to avoid going out too hot on a long workout like this and ending the workout missing reps or taking long breaks at the end.  Though we will be fatigued, I want the first round and last rounds of cleans to ‘look’ the same meaning we aren’t splitting our legs in the catch and we are still pulling under the bar and bringing our elbows through.  Pace that run so that you can come in and just start those burpees.  From the start, let’s make sure we are breathing during our burpees which means we take a deep breath between reps before we drop.  You’ve got this one… have fun with it!