Wednesday 170621


"Stand Up"

At 0:00

EMOM x 6

3 Squat Snatch at 65%


On the 10:00

EMOM x 6

3 Squat Clean at 65%


On the 20:00




RX: 95/65

With a barbell loaded at 65% of our one rep max, today we are working on technique in both the squat snatch and squat clean.  Focus on keeping your pull long, dropping fast under the bar and then driving out of the squat in a good position.  

Following that, we have “FRAN” in reverse.  This will be a very similar stimulus to our benchmark “Fran” without over taxing our nervous system (that anxious feeling we get when we test a benchmark workout).  As in “Fran” we are looking for a time of 10 minutes or less.  Scale accordingly and don’t be afraid to push on the 21 because today after 21… you are done.