Wednesday 170628



At 0:00

EMOM x 6

3 Power Snatch at 65%


On the 10:00

EMOM x 6

3 Power Clean at 65%


On the 20:00

3 Rounds:

400 Meter Run

20-15-10 Burpees

On parts I and II today, our goal today is to OWN the power snatch and power clean.  Working at 65% we will feel the weight and some fatigue after a few rounds but we want to be able to focus our efforts on perfecting our form before we begin to load in the coming weeks.  

Power versions of the same lifts we saw last Wednesday, today work on pulling yourself under the bar (with no press out in the snatch and fast elbows in the clean) and catching the bar above parallel. 

On part III, MOVE!  Like last week we want a time of 10 minutes and under in our cash out.  This is our time to get sweaty, move our feet and use our fitness!