This Week

Hey Triat, I've been in touch with the entire community and I am happy to report that most of us came out of Harvey relatively unscathed. We are all extremely lucky.  For those of you that had home or car damage... anything you need please let me know!


I know it will take some time for our city to get back on its feet and feel normal again.  Thursday and Friday the gym will be open from 3:30-5:30pm.  Come on in and get your mind off things for a bit and move around. Saturday and Monday we will have a group class at 9am.

Tuesday 9/05 we will resume normal schedule. 

How to help communities in need

Houston has shown such an amazing outpouring of help to those in need in the last few days. The larger shelters have received stadiums full of supplies.  I believe in the coming days and weeks as smaller communities start get back into their homes is when the demand for more supplies will be there. Any items we collect over the next week Jonathan and I will take to a church or shelter in a community that is in need.

Stay safe

Though the sun is out today, the roads in our area are still stressed and full of debris. Be safe if you travel in the coming days.