AMRAP 7 Minutes:

Burpees Box Jump Over

** Every min perform 10 Pistols


200m 1 arm DB Carry 50/35



 Sit Ups

Step Back Lunges (Each Leg)

DB Reverse Fly 15/10


200m 1 Arm DB Carry


Two workouts coming atcha today!

On part 1, try to put a lot of effort into the Burpee Box Overs today as the 10 Pistols will help break up your efforts.  Our goal is to get 50 or more of these in the allotted 7 minutes.  We have a lot of scaling options for the Pistol so don’t worry about that.  On part 2, we'll all go for a heavy dumbbell to carry and a second lighter dumbbel for the flys.  We get more leg work here with the step back lunges so get ready to feel those jelly legs as you leave today.