You and a buddy and...


30 Rounds for time:

5 Wall Ball

3 HSPU or 1 Wall Walk

1 Power Clean

Each holiday, it seems, we slow down even just for a moment and reflect on one thing or another.  

Today is about our independence and our freedom.  

We live in a great city, a great state and a great country. We are surrounded by friends and family who love us.  We have our health, fitness and a great community in which that thrives.  

Today, and every day, let us not take these things for granted.  

It may be hot outside, we might be tired when we arrive at the gym, there might be a text message we just received and want to check... but with a bit of extra attention to the people around us, with a push to get just one more rep, with a smile instead of a complaint... we can make huge strides in our life, our relationships, and our fitness, and we can show our thankfulness not only today but each day for the independence, freedom and life that we have. 

Happy Independence Day Triat!