Triat’s 2018 Lift Off

What is a Lift Off?  

It’s an Olympic Lifting meet where you get 3 attempts at your best 1-rep Snatch and Clean + Jerk.

Fine Print: On 9/12 all classes will participate in getting their 1RM Snatch and Clean + Jerk however the true ‘Lift Off’ will take place during the 4:30pm class on Wednesday 9/12

4:30 pm Class Schedule:

4:30 - 4:45: Individual Snatch Warm Up 

4:45 - 5:15:  Snatch Competition

5:15 - 5:30: Individual Clean + Jerk Warm Up

5:30 - 6:00: Clean + Jerk Competition 

** If you can’t stay until 6 you are welcome to just complete in the Snatch portion of the event


Each athlete is allowed 3 attempts at the Snatch and 3 attempts at the C+J.

Before the meet begins each athlete fills out a score card with their desired 3 attempts for each lift and you will be put in lift order according to these weights.

During the meet you are allowed to change your desired weight and go heavier (however once weight is on the bar it cannot be removed).

A failed lift counts as an attempt.


Only feet should ever touch the platform.

No pausing during arm extension overhead or "pressing out".

No dropping the barbell from above the shoulders.

Releasing the lift before the Ref signals an "OK" will not count.

No touching arms/elbows to knees in the clean.

No jerk attempts which are not completed (i.e. bending into the dip but not finishing the jerk).

The lift is finished when the weight is stabilized overhead and the athlete is not in motion, and the ref has signaled the "OK".

If an athlete is performing two consecutive lifts, they have 2 minutes rest in between approaching the platform again (i.e. a failed attempt followed by another attempt at the same weight).

Advice from Coach Shane:

The first lift should be 15-25 lbs under your max; something difficult but can be confidently done to get a number on the board.

If a lift is missed, the next attempt should remain at that weight (unless special circumstances where the athlete is confident they can go up still).

The second lift is typically 10-15 lbs from the first attempt.

The third lift is typically 5-10 lbs from the second attempt.