Sweet action from last years CrossFit Open

Sweet action from last years CrossFit Open

“CrossFit Open 11.4”

AMRAP x 10:

60 Bar Facing Burpees

30 OHS 120/90

10 Muscle Ups

(or 10 Pull-up + 10 Dips)

Don’t fear the numbers in today’s workout! This is a CrossFit Open workout from 2011. And we are all fitter than we were back in 2011, right, and we can definitely get this work done! I’ll have plenty of scaling options ready for you if needed also.

Speaking of the CrossFit open, it begins February 22nd. If you don’t know what the CrossFit Open is… read more here. In short, CrossFit puts out 5 workouts across 5 weeks. We’ll do each one in the gym each week and compete with our friends in the gym and with folks in our age range all across the world! To offcially complete, register at .

If you register, you’ll be a part of the custom Triat CrossFit leaderboard and you’ll get to duke it out over the five week competition period with your friends and class mates. If you are new to CrossFit and not sure if you can hang… you can! Just ask Dana who did the CrossFit open only weeks after joining Triat CrossFit back in 2016.

For each workout there will be an RX and a Scaled option for you.

I’m looking forward watching you all compete this year!! See the bulletin board for more info and for the Triat CrossFit official CrossFit Open Schedule.

3,2,1 Let’s GO!